Frank McCourt takes my advice.

I went on & watched the Los Angeles Marathon. It was good to see that some 17000 runners took a chance on a Memorial Day marathon & that the heat was not that bad.
It was fun to watch the $100,000 challenge – The elite women were given a headstart and the first runner, male or female, to cross the finish line wins $100,00. The lead man caught the lead woman around mile 24 – she finished only maybe 30 seconds behind him.
The most exciting news, however, came during an interview with Frank McCourt, owner of the Dodgers and now the LA Marathon. Frank announced that he was going to take my advice! I have told a number of people over the years that the LA Marathon should start at Dodger Stadium & run through downtown and Hollywood & then head to a finish at the beach! Mr. McCourt announced that that ia what he is going to try to put together for next year.
WooHoo! With Boston in April, however, I am not sure if I’ll be able to run it……

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