1 11 2015

WordPress.com has been fun. I have a TON of content here. But there are certain things that I cannot do here, such as embed data from Strava…. So, I have converted to a wordpress.org site… with a custom domain name. by new blog is at www.dalelister.com  Please go there, please click subscribe and you will be notified of additions to the blog.

Slowly progressing…

30 10 2015


Last summer, June 24, after 7 or 8 months completely off from running. I weighed 194.4 pounds. In August I really focused on counting calories and by early September I was about 10 pounds lighter at 185. In September and October I have been less focused, but have still been conscious of what I choose to eat. Yesterday I weighed in at 183.6 – Still heading the right direction …. slowly.

My week of training started slowly as well… Monday I rested. I should have ridden my bike, at least, but I rested. Tuesday I ran a hill repeat workout with the team. We ran up the street behind Rancho Vista and Hillview 11 x 1 minute. Wednesday I rode the Elliptigo to school (picture below), I ran an easy 4 mile loop with the team and rode the Go home again. Running off campus trail runs with the team turns into a pretty easy day as we have to stop and regroup 3 or 4 times within the run. Thursday I ran with the team on our 2 x 4 time trial loop. This one is a little better training as there is no need to stop. We added a few partner tortures afterwards.  Today there is a dance so I cancelled the team practice. I did ride my road bike to school. I will probably make the ride home a bit longer….


Monthly report…

28 10 2015

Not that intend to report only on a monthly basis…. but it has been almost a month… I need to get back into blogging. When I blog, I am motivated to have something worthwhile to blog about, which means I train more consistently, which means I am fitter…. and of course I run better…

So, personally, I have been running some over these last few weeks:
Week ending October 4 – 1.5 miles, October `11 – 7.6, October 18 – 18.4, October 25 – 20.4

I had cut way back due to some pain in the left hip adductor. Clay scolded me for jumping to speedwork too soon.. I have chosen a very basic simple (beginners) half marathon training plan to follow as a base building plan to work my mileage back up.  I am also doing Runner’s World’s Yoga for Runners beginners routine 2 or 3 times a week to work on range of motion. I get to the Clayve when I can which has not been too often lately. I have been riding my Elliptigo or road bike to work 1 or 2 times per week… I plan on making this 3 or 4. I did enter a race, just for the fun of it. It was only 53 runners. My goal was 8 minute miles. I averaged 7:40 or so and won the over 40 age group!

My weight has leveled off in the mid 180s… lower than the 190s of the summer but still a long ways to go to get back to racing weight.

Hillview has finished another outstanding Cross Country season. We won our 12th High Desert League championship in a row. We won 5 of the 6 divisions and got 2nd in the remaining. Our 8th grade boys were probably the strongest team ever. In league they had a perfect score. At Mt. SAC they finished 2, 3, 4, 5 and 16 dominating the 8th grade boys race and setting a new team time record. The 8th grade girls easily won the league and came very close to winning Mt SAC. They finished with 52 points while the first place team had 48. The 7th grade boys were the only team not to win league. Desert Christian had a strong group and beat them At Mt. SAC they managed a 4th place. The 7th grade girls were led by two very strong runners. Maggie Theologidy had the best average pace for any girl ever at Hillview. She won the league and placed 2nd at Mt. SAC. LiNya Perry was 2nd in league and 4th at Mt SAC. As a team they tied at Mt SAC for first and won the tie breaker based on the 6th runner! Our 6th grade boys won the league but were 9th at Mt Sac. Our 6th girls won the league and placed 3rd at Mt. Sac. They had 3 very strong runners but numbers 4 and 5 were back aways. Riley Briones easily won the league and sometimes beat the boys as well. Shelby Smith and Naia Smithley were not too far behind her.

Our season ended on a sad note. We raced Mt SAC on the 16th. On the 18th one of our boys died in his sleep. I do not have any official information as to how or why, but his loss had deeply affected the team. His name was Justin Rucker. He was not a scorer, but he was one of those very encouraging types. We honored him last night with a new award – the 8th runner award, to be given in future years to others who stand out by encouraging others.

Still strained…

30 09 2015

Yesterday I headed over to the HDR speed workout. I warmed up with 3 laps. I prescribed a workout of 5 x
1 minute fast,
1 minute recover easy,
2 minutes fast,
1 minute recover easy,
1 minute fast,
1 minute recover easy,
2 minutes fast,

3 minutes recover and regroup between sets…

I made it through the first 1, then 1, then about half of the first 2 when my left adductor acted up and shut me down…. just like last week…

Looks like more time of rest is needed. I will take a couple of days off and then get on the GO as much as possible.

On another note, the other day I googled Yoga for Runners.  I came upon a website within the Runner’s World website with videos of a whole series of yoga routines designed for runners. On Saturday and Sunday I tried the one for beginners… wow… It was pretty tough.  I think I will try to do this 3 or 4 times per week and see if I can improve my range of motion and stability.

Two steps forward, one step back

29 09 2015

I have been working up the miles a bit lately. On two consecutive Saturdays Clay and I ran the PCT 8 miler. My times on various Strava segments were getting better….

Last Tuesday I ran a speed workout with my Hillview team. I was pretty sore from the Sunday night Clayve, but it went okay. I went to the Tuesday night HDR workout and we started a sweet 16. During one of the sprints I felt a twinge at the top of my left adductor. On the subsequent drill it hurt way to much to proceed so I shut it down.  I skipped the Clayve I would have gone to next.  The next day I was able to run a couple of easy two milers – good sign. I rested Thursday while my team swept a practice XC meet. On Friday I did 4 and the adductor was troublesome on the uphills. So I took the weekend off.

Yesterday, still being cautious, I rode the Elliptigo rather than run with the team on our Secret Weapon Workout. It felt fine… I even set a PR on the N8 from 45th to 50th Strava segment – beating my best road bike times as well!

Trodding along

16 09 2015

Sunday, Clay and I were out on the trails again, but this time on Mountain Bikes. A few months ago I used my team performance points and an undisclosed amount of cash to buy a mountain bike for my collection. My wife looks at the bikes in the garage, she calls it my collection…

Hanging in the garage is

  • a Schwinn beach cruiser – my wife’s
  • a Schwinn hybrid – a comfortable commuter bike that is not getting much use with all the other choices I have.
  • an Elliptigo 11R
  • A Fuji road bike – probably 6 or 7 years old now..
  • my new Fuji mountain bike (carbon – light weight…)
  • A KHS Tandemania tandem bike…  fun vacation bike for riding with my wife.

The ride with Clay was fun but it was only my 3rd ride on the trails. Clay took me on a couple where I did not quite make it. There were a couple of sections so steep that my wheel spun out from under me. There was also one section going down that was too steep and rutted for my skill set right now… but it was fun!

Later in the night I head over to Clays and did most of the Clayve workout. I cut the workout to 3 sets instead of 5 in an effort to stave off getting too sore.

Monday I ran the “Secret Weapon” run with the Hillview team. The fatigue from the weekend was setting in. My times were slower than in the previous couple of weeks.

Yesterday I did not run with my team. Instead I chose to run the HDR track workout. As the day went along I was noticeably sore. Getting out of the car at Joe Walker I was almost limping. I slowly made my way to the start line. I told Justin Koo I was really sore – (Justin was at the Clayve Sunday as well.) He said, “Me too! But I’ll get a little better after a couple of laps.” I thought to myself. Darn, Justin is not going to let me get away with sitting this one out… So I did the workout.

The workout was the same as last week. I only had time for a 1 lap warm up so when I started the main part I took it easy. The workout was 3 sets of 7 minutes. Within the 7 minutes we ran 200 fast, then 100 slow, over and over. The first 200 I was so sore and slow that Kathy, Jesse and Joe beat me.  Joe and Jesse slowed almost to a walk on the 100 recovery and I got past them. Kathy and I stayed together the rest of the set. Last week I finished 5 200s, this time it was 400 200s and a 100… On set two I got a tad quicker. By set 3 I was able to open up a bit and I finished the 5 200s.

Attempting a cool down, I found myself so slow, only a shuffle…. I decided to walk. Justin and Oscar walked with me. I figured it was not a good idea to go back to the Clayve for the Tuesday workout.

This morning I feel quite a bit better. I ran an easy 2 with the team and did some skips and drills. I’ll do the same this afternoon. Tomorrow we have a meet!

I figure I need to do step ups and Val-slides in between the Clayve workouts. I have been in a vicious cycle of late. I can’t make it Thursdays. I can usually make it Sundays and Tuesdays but I have not been consistent enough to get past getting really sore glutes and hamstrings every time I go. So then when I do go, I get so sore I don’t want to go back for a while. Then when I go back I get too sore again…. Like I said, step ups and Val – Slides… maybe another “100 challenge”

Dale is Back

13 09 2015

Clay and I took a nice mountain trail run yesterday… Clay paused and took some video.. while I struggled to stay close. It wa probalby my slowest ever trip up to the ridge…. but I made it!


Ran with Dale Lister this morning 8 miles total.  Did 4 miles up to the ridge fairly slow but I haven’t been running much lately so will need to build back up for the cooler weather coming.  Go Dale!

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