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Boston Bound – Mountains 2 Beach Marathon Report

First – the taper… I did a little less running than planned, and a little more eating…. So, my weigh in this morning was 178.  I am sure that my last weigh in of 174 was dehydrated….

My plan for the Mountains 2 Beach Marathon on Memorial Weekend was to camp at the Ventura RV Resort. Two other couples were to join my wife and I. But they had flood damage that they thought would be fixed in time, but was not. They cancelled our reservations two weeks ago…. It would have been great. The campground is just west of the 33 freeway on main street- a short walk from downtown Ventura. I would have walked to the shuttle. My friends and my wife would have walked under the freeway to mile 23 of the race and from their to the finish line…. nice….

Instead, I got up at 1:30 a.m. in Palmdale. I left at 2:05. I arrived at a downtown parking lot at 3:35. I put on some sun block, gathered my things and walked a block or two to take the shuttle.

20170528_035441There was a line, but there was also a slew of busses. I got on the 2nd one. I chatted my way to Ojai, where I found a place to rest until the start of the race.

A side note- I am wearing a hoodie purchased at the thrift store yesterday. I always bring something warm that I don’t mind leaving behind at the start of the race. I find it nicer than dealing with a bag check.

20170528_054020I have been struggling to decide exactly what time to shoot for in this race. My main goal, of course was to qualify for the Boston Marathon. The official time needed is sub 3:40 for men in their upper 50s, but the last couple years you needed to be a couple minutes under that to actually get in. So, anything under 3:37 would be awesome. But I felt that I could do much better.

It turns out that HDR member, and marathon freak, Grant Barnett was serving as pacer for the 3:37 pace group. There was also a 3:32 pace group. I started out behind the 3:32 group figuring I would hang with them and see how it went.

I was using a new app on my Garmin Forerunner 620 watch that is supposed to help with race pacing. It uses your time and distance so far, and your current pace to show you an estimated finish time. The cool thing is that at each mile marker, or at the ones that you actually see, you can hit the lap button and it will adjust things using the “race distance” rather than the gps distance. Most races come out long using GPS due to inability to consistently run tangents.

The first 3 miles were a gradual but steady climb. I saw the projected time hang in the 3:30s for awhile but then drop to something slower. I was feeling great so I eased ahead of the group. At the top of the incline the watch was predicting mid 3:30s – I noted that my first 3 miles put me at 24:29 – just about 8:10 pace. As soon as I started downhill, and the watch detected the quicker speed the estimate dropped into the low 3:20s…. This turns out to not be so useful. The app is assuming you will be running this new downhill speed the rest of the way…

Instead I just kept looking a the splits and how much they were under an 8 pace and saw a cushion begin to develop, under a 3:30 finish pace.

At mile 6… or was it 7? the marathon crosses over the start line in the opposite direction. To my right I heard a loud, “GO, Dale!”  To my surprise there stood Chuck Fieland! Chuck was instrumental in my last running of this race in 2012 – the day I set my marathon PR of 3:15:20. (Read the story here…) Whilst reminiscing the previous race a few weeks back I had emailed Chuck to let him know that I was running today….

Miles 7 through about 17, I saw Chuck a few more times. My pace remained consistently sub 8.  Somewhere in those upper teens I began to feel a lot of fatigue. My mind wondered about fuel and hydration… I had been drinking at most of the stops, and now there was sloshing in my stomach. I had taken a gel at mile 7.  I typically count on gels for fuel and electrolytes. I carried two with me knowing that there would be two more on the course. The first was supposed to be at mile 13, but somehow I missed it. Around mile 15 I took my second gel, but it was taken late.

It was starting to get warm, mid to upper 60s, I assume. As the course flattened out nearing Ventura the day’s Sea Breeze began to blow. This was good and bad. It helped to keep me cool, but it provided a little extra resistance. As I got through 18, 19, 20, 21 the pace was noticeably slowing but I knew I had a huge cushion and could cruise in at a 10 pace if I wanted to. By mile 23 the want to became a had to. Chuck met about here as the course headed east on the inland side of the 101 freeway. There was about a mile and a half, maybe two miles of constant gradual uphill. I felt like I was bonking big time, but everytime I looked at my current lap’s pace it was under 10 so I knew I would still make it if I just kept going.

Having Chuck there was huge, I wanted to stop and take a walk break SO BAD, but Chuck was running with me the whole last 3 miles. I took some water at mile 25 and walked about 20 seconds. During this time my right calf felt like it would cramp at any moment. At mile 25, there was mercifully one more brief downhill, under the freeway followed by the slightest of an up. That little up started to set off my right foot, but a quick change in shuffle averted a muscle cramp and I continued onward. After the longest mile ever, Chuck peeled off and I ran through the finish area to the finish line.

I had used up a lot of my cushion, but still finished in 3:36:03 – a Boston Qualifer with almost 4 minutes to spare. WOO! HOO!

As soon as I stopped running I felt dizzy. This has happened before, I walked to the side and grabbed the side rail to wait it out. It got real bad. I straightened up several times and had to bend back over. I could hardly see – as if through a fog. I spotted Grant who’s 3:37 group finished 30 seconds behind me. I made my way to him, grabbed onto his shoulder, told him I was dizzy, and he helped escort me the rest of the way through the chute.

First he gave me a couple of salt tabs, and we went through the food area and got some snacks, then we finally found a place to sit. I needed to sit for quite a while. Once I thought I was good, and Chuck had not appeared, so I started onward only to have to sit down a few meters away for awhile. After what seemed like 10 minutes (of sitting time) I was able to start making my way to the finish line festival area.

Soon, I lost Grant, I never found Chuck (turns out he had reversed direction trying to find a way through the barricade and after going backwards for maybe a mile, he gave up and went home…) I enjoyed the fruits of my labor. There was a special area in the finish area that you could only enter if you had Qualified for Boston. There was a picture area there.


There were more snacks and refreshments there… and some chairs. I stayed along time until I was really sure I was good, then I started the long walk back to my truck. The walk was at least a half mile. I had made it most of the way before remembering that my race shirt still needed to be picked up in the finish area. So, I walked back and got it, and back to the truck again. The longish walk was actually starting to feel good, by the time I got to the truck….

I looked up the dizziness thing. Runner’s World said it is caused by a sudden drop in blood pressure, caused by the sudden stop in motion, aggravated by dehydration…. I guess I am going to have to work harder to figure out warm weather hydration. It seems like if I drink lots it just sloshes in my belly, and I get dehydrated anyway…. My best marathon races have all come in sub 60 degree weather…

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Tapering for M2B Marathon

Friday  I ran to Jamba Juice with the kids. I felt rather lethargic. It was warm… in the 80s. I felt much better for the second half. Not worried about it though, I never feel great during taper time.

Today I headed up to Mill Creek Ranger station for a trail run. Karl had gone at 6. David Weary, Molly, Janet and Charles Dempsey and I were to meet at 6:30. Karl had headed south. I had never run south from Mill Creek before. David and Molly wanted to go south as well, so the rest of us went along. Molly led the way and I was staying right behind her. When it got steep she would pull away a bit and when it leveled off I would catch her. She pulled out of sight for a while during an extended steeper section, but again I caught her after it leveled off.

The trail continued making its way upward for 5 1/2 miles until we came upon a sign. We left the trail and headed up a road to get to the very top of Mt. Pacifico. David had fallen a ways back. Molly and I reached a saddle and though it was the end. I took some time to play on the rocks.

Dave came along and we continued to the top of the mountain.

From our viewpoint on top of the mountain we looked down to see the PCT. We spotted a through hiker. Then we spotted a runner run past the hiker. We figured it had to be Karl. Strava’s fly by video confirms that it was indeed Karl. We took a short cut trail we found straight back down to the PCT. It was getting a little late – I wanted to get to church by 10, so I sped away from Molly and Dave and hurried down the mountain.

It turns out that my time from the Saddle back down was good for #3 on the Strava Segment list. Karl is the King of the Mountain, and Tim Buse is #2, then me…. Then Toke Jensen. I placed #6 on the list for the uphill segment. Behind Karl, Justin Patananan, Sergio Reyes (the two of them apparently went for an easy trail run last June, Tim, and Toke.

I finished this “last week before M2B” week with 42 miles running and 18 on the GO. This may seem high for a “taper” week, but my weekly mileage totals have not been that high as I trained this time around, so I did not feel it wise to taper down too much.

I have been checking my training through Sport Tracks Mobi of late by looking at a couple of graphs that the site produces. This on is the Training Load graph….

SportTracks _ Your Path to Performance

The comparison is interesting. You will see that the level right now is similar to the level in 2009 / 2010 with the exception of 3 spikes. Those spikes are the result of adding some long bike rides on top of my running during those summers. The “fitness” level right now is 1202, the level a week before Surf City 2009 (my first BQ) is 1045.

SportTracks _ Your Path to Performance (1)

My performance level next weekend will be 343. My performance level the day of Surf City was 293… Ojai 2 Ocean 2012 (My 3:15 Personal Record) was 359…

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Crazy Scary Fast Shopping Cart Lady

So, this morning I ran to Hillview. Yesterday was our track championships at Joe Walker and I got some Elliptigo miles in by ride from home to Hillview, then to Joe Walker for the meet and home again…. crazy windy….

But this morning I ran to HIllview. With my marathon 10 days away I figured it would be good to get in a few miles at my marathon goal pace of 8:00 – 8:14 per mile. The run is 5.5 miles so I figured I would ease into it the first mile, run 4 at my goal pace and then “cool down” the last half.

I have my watch set for splits every half mile, so my goal was to average 4:07 or faster for miles 2-5. Warming up I had splits of 4:41 and 4:17. The next couple of splits were eastbound on Elizebeth Lake road – slightly uphill with a tad of a headwind, but I started to hit my pace – 4:07, 4:08, The next mile included a bigger uphill on P-12 to run behind HIghland and then some downhill starting to head north on 30th west – 4:07, 3:59. Mile 3 included the rest of the downhill 30th west and the first part heading northwest on Rancho Vista Blvd. 3:53, 3:57.  Rancho Vista has two rolling hills between 30th and Hillview, with a net uphill climb so my 4th mile at marathon pace started to get a little harder. I ran up to Towncenter and then a brief downhill for my second to last split of 4:09 – pleased to be staying so close to goal pace with a net uphill.

The last half mile had a little down and then the final climb up toward Hillview. As I ran NW along the sidewalk on the south side of the street I passed a lady, sitting on the retaining wall. I did not get a good look at her, but I noticed one of those wire mesh shopping carts half full with stuff. I assumed she was homeless. She was looking at herself in a little mirror as I passed.

10 seconds after I passed I began to hear a click – clack, click clack, the sound of hard wheels rolling over the expansion joints in the sidewalk. I was still on the downhill and I was moving pretty fast – probably sub 8 minute mile pace, but the click clack click clack was sounding real fast. It sounded like it was getting closer.

The homeless lady was chasing after me? Really? Why? Boy was she fast? Wait, how could a little homeless lady run this fast – with a shopping cart? I tried to peek back over my shoulder but lost my balance a bit and almost ran into a light pole. All I saw was a glimpse of something brown. She had had a brown jacket. The only way I could imagine a little homeless lady running this fast, with a shopping cart was that she was amped up on drugs. Wow, so I am being chased by a drugged out homeless shopping cart lady?

The click clack click clack was getting even closer. The downhill turned to uphill and still click clack click clack shortly behind me. Cars were going by and I wondered what they though about the crazy shopping cart lady in the brown jacket running behind me.

I knew I was about to finish my last split, the one where I would get to slow down, but still click clack click clack behind me. But wait, it seems to be fading. I am pulling away. It faded more and more and then my watched beeped my last marathon pace interval. Feeling safer I looked back again…

It was a boy…. on a skateboard…. I am not sure where HE came from. I grinned and jogged easy in to finish my run.

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Yasoo 800s

First – Monday I ran with the Hillview kid’s. It was a recovery day for me and a “last workout before the big meet” for them. We ran a little more than 1 1/2 easy and then did a few strides and drills.

Yesterday we had the prelims of our final meet of the season. The team is looking good. The girls are especially dominant. We have a bevy of good distance runners and sprinters… The boys, not quite so much. I have a few bright spots, but we are not likely to win either boys division. We should still win the overall….

The meet ran from 3 – almost 6, so I was standing at the finish line timing races all that time. I hung out afterwards waiting for the HDR peeps to show up. I started a few minutes early to get in a good warm up. Back in April I did a Yasso 800 workout: 12 x 800m in an average of 3:29. My goal today was to do the same. The difference was that last time I sometimes allowed standing rest between the reps, this time my goal was to jog most of the recovery. Also, yesterday had winds in excess of 20 mph the whole time.  My splits were 3:32, 3:34, 3:29, 3:29, 3:30, 3:30, 3:31, 3:28, 3:28, 3:30, 3:30 and 3:27…. In my mind I was tracking how many seconds above the 3:30 average and I knew I was still 1 second over pace going into my last split. The wind was picking up, but I concentrated on form and finished with my fastest interval of the night.

The other HDR runners, Kent Trenkle, Kathy Diorio, Nestor Ponce De Leon and Rob Perez all hung in for 8 reps….. David Weary ran 10 of them with me. He stayed right with me, sometimes surging ahead… but he stopped at 3 minutes, rather than 800 meters, so he stopeed right at 700m and only ran half of the 100m “into the wind” stretches that I did….. Still, he was looking strong out there.

This of course is a very encouraging workout. Bart Yasso says that if you can run 12 x 800s in 3:30 (minutes and seconds), you should be able to run a marathon in 3:30 (hours and minutes)  As I prepare for my BQ attempt I need to decide what time to shoot for…..3:40 is BQ, but I will need a cushion… I might be able to do 3:30… but maybe it would be wiser to shoot for somewhere in between.

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2 weeks till Mountains to Beach

Over the last week I have begun my taper… but just a little.

Monday -day after Wings 4 Life – off

Tuesday – a bit fatigued from Wings 4 Life just an easy run with my students – almost 3 miles and coached the HDR workout.

Wednesday – Feeling better – I ran 4 miles doing a Sweet 16 workout with my students. AND I walked 4 miles in the mall with my wife.

Thursday – Track meet day. I overslept and did not have time to ride the Elliptigo, but I did get in a 4 mile walk later in the evening.

Friday – So far the week looks way too easy, time to step it up. I ran to school – 5.5 miles and ran a  10 miler going home.

Saturday –  I went to the HDR Mountain Trail Fun Run, which was up the PCT from Sierra Hwy to Pelona Ridge. This is only the 2nd time I have run this route. I rode over there with Scott Zeirman and we arrived just a few minutes late. Some of the more senior runners, the Diorios, Janet Dempsey, Jesse Williams and Joe Kim had already taken off. I did not stay with Scott, but headed up the trail on my own.

The trail was about 5.6 miles up to the ridge. The first 2 were easy and then it got steeper. As I climbed I passed the older guys (John Swallow, Marv Powers etc.) and then Jesse. Farther up I caught Janet, then Joe Diorio and then Kathy. I scared Kathy half to death as I came up behind her on the one downhill section near the top of the hill. I was moving fast and said, “Good Morning Kathy!” whilst still back 10 meters but she nearly jumped out of her skin…. I saw Joe Kim as he was coming down, maybe a quarter mile from the top.

At the top I went a little further up a little hill and said hi to a thru hiker that was there. I saw Kathy arrive and turn back so I headed back down as well. Alex Patananan was coming up and I saw him just a 10th mile or so on my way down.

Going down I caught Kathy and started passing the others. Most had turned around. Alex came up from behind and I let him go by. As the trail leveled off near the bottom I began to see Joe up there. About a mile out I caught him.

Looking at Strava, it has the pace of this run just a little slower than the other time I ran it – with Clay in 2010. I am thinking, however the side trip at the top would have lowered the average of this run. I did set several segment PRs on the uphills!

PCT Sierra Hwy to Pelona Ridge - Run - Strava

Later Saturday, Cheryl and I walked 6 miles in the mall.

Sunday, I got up early enough to get in a good Elliptigo ride. I rode from my house past the Rancho Vista golf course and then up and over Goode Hill. It was windy and that top half mile or so was steep and right into the teeth of the wind. There were a few places where I felt that I barely made it. I went down the other side, left on Elizabeth Lake then right up the back way to Ana Verde. After more hill and wind fighting I finally enjoyed the long downhill heading east on Ave S. Altogether it was a 25 mile ride to church.

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Wings for Life World Run

Today I ran my second Wings for Life World Run. This is an incredible event. I enjoyed it so much last year that I signed up immediately thereafter for this year’s race.

Here is the link to last year’s blog post. 

The race is held simultaneously in 25 locations spread out all over the world – the majority being in Europe. In addition to the 25 events they have an app where additional runners can run, timed and measured by the app at other locations all over the world. Altogether there were 150,000 + runners who participated in the race.  The US locations for the race include Sunrise, Florida and Santa Clarita, California.

If the race is going to be held all over the world, someone is going to have to run in the middle of the night. The Santa Clarita race starts at 4:00 a.m.  So, this morning I woke up at 1:30, and left the house at about 2:10. I arrived at the mall in Santa Clarita, hit the porta potty and checked in. I took my stuff back to the truck and stayed in it for awhile debating on what layers to wear. The temp was in the 40s. It had been raining and the forecast was 50/50 for more rain. I opted for an old tech long sleeve over my normal green race shirt – so I could throw it away if I wanted to.

On my way back to the start I passed the porta potties and was surprised to see the one on the end available. I made a quick glance and saw no line so availed myself of it… Exiting a few minutes later I saw that there was a LONG line opposite the porta potties. Ooops. Sorry, to all those who were waiting in line.

I made my way as far into the chute as I could. I was about 10m back and it looked like there were plenty of people ahead of me who should not have been….

As the race began, I had to do some bobbing and weaving for 100 m or so to get clear.

The Wings for Life World Run is a unique event. There is no finish line. Everyone starts the race by running past a car with timing sensors mounted on the side. A half hour after the race begins the “Catcher Car” starts off. It chases at a speed of 15 km/hr (about 6:25 pace) for an hour. Then it speeds up to 16km/hr (6:00 pace) for an hour, then 17km/hr for an hour, then 20 km/hr for 2 hours, then 35 km/hr. Last year I managed to run 26.6 km – 16.4 miles at a pace of 8:08 min/mile before I was caught.

My big goal for today was to maintain an 8:00 pace, which would net me more than 17 miles. My secondary goal was to PR –  to run faster and farther than last year. My “I’d still be happy” goal was to maintain my marathon goal pace of 8:12 – 8:15. I just about got my big goal – if it were not for a hilly section from mile 5 to 10, and the fact that the last 4 miles were all gradually uphill –  I would have made it. I finished, according to my Garmin, with an average pace of 8:02…. and I finished strong.  Here is a table of my HALF MILE split data, including cadence and stride length.

Time Pace Cadence Stride Length
1 04:08.0 8:16 177 1.14
2 03:58.4 7:57 182 1.13
3 03:49.8 7:40 183 1.16
4 04:01.0 8:02 180 1.12
5 04:04.0 8:08 179 1.11
6 03:53.5 7:47 180 1.16
7 03:53.6 7:47 178 1.16
8 03:57.9 7:56 179 1.14
9 03:55.9 7:52 180 1.15
10 03:52.6 7:45 180 1.17
11 04:03.9 8:08 179 1.12
12 04:17.9 8:36 180 1.05
13 03:59.7 7:59 178 1.14
14 04:11.7 8:23 176 1.1
15 03:58.6 7:57 179 1.13
16 04:10.2 8:20 179 1.09
17 04:08.2 8:16 180 1.1
18 04:07.4 8:15 180 1.1
19 03:58.7 7:57 181 1.14
20 04:16.1 8:32 182 1.05
21 04:02.0 8:04 181 1.12
22 03:59.4 7:59 183 1.12
23 03:52.6 7:45 182 1.16
24 03:55.7 7:51 182 1.14
25 03:55.5 7:51 183 1.13
26 03:59.0 7:58 183 1.12
27 03:58.6 7:57 181 1.13
28 04:03.4 8:07 182 1.11
29 03:57.7 7:55 183 1.13
30 04:00.6 8:01 183 1.11
31 04:00.8 8:02 183 1.11
32 04:03.5 8:07 183 1.1
33 04:02.7 8:05 183 1.1
34 04:01.4 8:03 183 1.11
35 02:26.7 7:34 186 1.16

Here is a graph showing the elevation profile and pace. Notice the uptick in pace at the finish….

Wings for Life World Run PR Woo Hoo Run Strava

After I passed the 26 kilometer mark, I knew I had only a few minutes to go. There were a couple of guys not too far ahead of me so I surged on to see if I could catch someone. A few minutes later I began to hear commotion behind me. A bicyclist passed me and I asked him if the car was there. He said, “Yes, Finish strong runner!” So, I sped up some more. Just then a motorcycle passed on my right with a cameraman on the back. He was video taping me. I passed a guy, I heard another trying to come up and catch me. I dug deeper. There was one more guy up there but he was still 20-30m ahead. I glanced back and saw the car. Somehow I found a little more, and made a gap on the guy chasing me. I sensed him drop back and succumb to the catcher car.  I pulled ahead of the other guy and sensed him drop off as he was caught by the car. I continued another 4 or 5 seconds before the car got me as well.

I have spent the last few hours watching the telecast of the race hoping that they aired this epic battle…. but alas…. no….

Garmin has me running 17.3 miles in 2:19:06 – an 8:02 pace. My official result has a distance of 28.0 km, which is the equivalent of 17.39 miles… so 17.4.  I placed 66th out of 1652 runners. 5th of 47 in an apparently tough 55-59 age division. Globally I placed 6313 of 150,000+ runners and 128th of 1863 in my age division.

This reminds me, I could not figure out the runners near me. The race course was always on the right side of the road. They ALWAYS had the entire right side of the road closed for us. There were orange cones going down the center and yellow cones marking off the lane to the right of the center. I figure that the purpose of the coned off center lane was to provide a place for the catcher car. Early in the race, the runners got into the center lane and ran there. I ran the tangents using the entire right side of the road. I felt a little awkward at times all by myself to the right. After one particular left turn there was a water stationg far right. Now the runners moved to the right side and stayed there. We made a series of lefts and they all stayed on the far right of the road. Later, they managed to get back into the center lane… while we made a series of right turns… It seemed the crowd was doing just the opposite of running the tangents…. Once we got onto Soledad Canyon for the last few miles, as the end drew near, there were indeed vehicles occasionally using the center lane. We all stayed to the right, but I ran tangents within that area.

After a short while a bus pulled up and that last guy and I got in. We had a nice drive back to the mall where we received a nice medal:

20170507_064445An exciting side note – today’s 17.3 miles put me at 505 miles for the year!

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May Underway

It has been unusually hot here in the Antelope Valley this week….. mid 90s most afternoons!

Monday I rode the GO in the dark to school for our 6 am practice. I rode it around during said practice and I rode it home after school. I was a little sore from Sundays 22 miler.

Tuesday afternoon we had track practice in the midst of the oppressive heat. There wasn’t even our usual afternoon breeze to cool things off. Still, the kid’s and I got through a jog over to Greg Anderson, a set of Sweet 16 drills, and a jog back.

Due to the heat, I did not attempt a longer interval workout in the evening – well the heat and the fact that I was still sore from Sunday. I opted to push the tempo intervals back a day or two.

Wednesday, I rode the GO to Hillview, then Joe Walker for a track meet, and then home. The ride home after a track meet is always a bit exhausting.  During a track meet, I am the official timer so I am standing on the track for 3-4 hours straight…. After getting home and getting some liquids, Cheryl and I went to the mall and walked 4 miles.

Thursday, I faced a challenge: how to get in my tempo intervals…. I took the day off school to attend the Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast, but that worked against me. It started at 7, making an early morning run, potentially very early. The morning after breakfast, I would likely be too full, and then it would be too hot… and there was a WAVE fundraiser dinner in the evening………   So, I got up at 4:30 and was out the door at 5.

I made it, I made the first step out the door…. It was a challenge to get up and out the door, but I made it….  Instead of doing a long interval workout, in order to save time, I did a straight up Tempo Run. My goal was 5 miles at around 7:30 pace. I jogged down to the shopping center at the corner and did some leg swings and such as a warm up. Then I headed west on Palmdale Blvd/Elizabeth Lake Road. This gave me an uphill run into a headwind. My half mile splits heading to 25th were 4:20, 3:59, 3:47. I turned right on 25th and lost the headwind, the slope was slightly down. The splits became consistent 3:43s.  They stayed consistent within a second or two heading east on P8 to 15th, through the houses and out onto Rancho Vista Blvd. I turned right onto 10th west and ran into the Trader Joe’s parking lot. I did a zig zag, up one aisle and down the next so that I would breakup the headwind heading south on the street. I maintained about the same. The last half mile of the Tempo run was straight up the shoulder of the road. I was feeling dead, the pace slowed to about 4:00  per half…. Then I jogged slowly home.

I know from previous years experience that running fast, first thing in the morning is iffy for me. Races are okay, because I get up, I eat something, I drive somewhere, there are a couple of hours between wake up and run time. But when I just wake up and head out the door, I am rarely at my best….. Still, the effort of a Tempo run, brings the benefits of a Tempo run, regardless of the actual pace of the Tempo run….


Next up: The Wings for Life World Run on Sunday morning…..  This will likely amount to a 17 mile marathon pace (slightly sub MP) training run! Then I taper for Mountains 2 Beach!