Speed and Clayve

22 07 2014

This morning, I coached… that is, I did not run with the Hillview kids. The main part of their workout was to put them in groups of three for a continuous 200ish meter relay…

This evening, a bunch of us met at Joe Walker to work out. I had time to get in 5 laps to warm up. We did 8 x 2 minutes with only 1 minute to recover. This meant that we did not attempt to regroup each time we just jogged onward and kept going.  I felt good…. not as fast as prior to surgery…. but I felt good. I averaged around 450 meters for each 2 minutes, typically I get 480 to 530…. but I will get back there.

Afterwards I headed over to the Clayve. This time it was just the guys. We had Clay, Zac, Jim Haskett and I. We tossed some medicine balls around to warm up. I felt like I was the weak link, especially when we were using the 20 pound ball.  Clay had us do a few contests – Jim and I against Clay and Zac. First, we did pull ups. Jim and I got to use the big thick green helping band. We still lost.  Next it was a rowing contest. One of us had to do3 minutes and one of us 2.  Clay started doing the 3 for his team. He got a couple of minutes in and faded a bit, due to the HUGE amount of climbing he has done the last few day as part of his Ralpha Rising Challenge. Jim did the 3 for us. He held strong and got us a 59 meter lead.  Zac was next. He rowed a little conservatively for a minute and went crazy for the next.  It was my turn and I had the advantage of knowing exactly what I needed to do…. 480 meters…  I actually pushed the first minute at a pace I knew I could keep and would get us the win… for a minute and then I tried to pick it up as well.  I ended up 10 meters behind Zac, but it was easily enough to get Jim and I the win. Yeah!

We added some kettle bell lifts, some hanging ab-crunches, some swinging on the rings, oh, and earlier the four of us kept the battle rope going for 5 straight minutes…. Thanks to Jim for going first… and last…


Clayve and run

21 07 2014

Last night, Sunday, I headed over for the Clayve workout. I arrived maybe 10 minutes early. The garage door was open so I walked up and went in. There was no one around. It was set up for action however…..

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Kendall had been hard at work coming up with a fun, yet challenging plan. These photos show the chalk on the sidewalk instructions for 4 of the 7 stations she had set up.  The seven stations were:

1) PULL UPS and HANGING AB CRUNCHES….. this was something new. There were these two padded slings hanging from the pull up bar. You put your fore arms through, grab the top and let your body hang down. Then you bring your knees to your elbows…
2) Band Walks and Dead Lifts of bar bell
3) Jump Rope and Ball to Wall – squat with medicine ball and then throw ball against rafter…
4) Battle Rope and some type of squat…. I forgot the name.  We held a kettle bell at chest level in front of us.
5) Rowing Machine and Box up and overs (step up, turn around, step down the other side..)
6) Medicine Ball catch and throws  on lawn
7) Band Pulls

Clay coached, and assisted, while Kendall, Tonia, Rachel and I worked out. We were in teams of two. Rachel and I were together. We had two minutes at each station. We could trade off in the middle of the two minutes at will. I started with pull ups while Rachel did the crunches. It turned out I was about as good as crunches as she was at pull-ups, but she was way better at crunches than I was at pullups. We added our totals together. On this and the  remaining stations the two of us scored lots of points. The challenge to do whatever it was for 30s straight turned the strength work into a strength/cardio workout.

I was especially pleased with my jump roping. I have not done much of it lately, but during my minuted I did 114 straight, without a single miss! After the routine above was done I went for some double jumps.  I am just starting to get used to these. I have to do three singles in between…. jump, jump, jump, double jump….. still I often fail to get the double and have rarely got two doubles in a row, in this pattern. I tried a bit and did 6 doubles in the pattern!  Kendall demonstrated consecutive doubles… impressive!

We had a hanging ab crunch contest in which I got beat badly…. I could only do 8.  Clay and Rachel each did 25, Kendall 24.

It was a fun workout….. I think Clay took some pics and/or video, so check back for some action shots later…. or tomorrow…

This morning, I went ahead and ran with the Hillview team. For the first time this summer I took them away from the park and up into the hills. I had one mom with me in case I had someone who could not keep up. Her daughter and one other fell way off the pace so she took them on a shortcut back to the park. The rest of us did about 4.5 miles on the trials.  I took it easy…. We had to stop 5 or 6 times to stay together…. for me it was a recovery run…. for most of them, a long run…


20 07 2014

My training plan called for a 60 minute recovery Elliptigo ride. As I did it, I appreciated that the word “recovery” was placed into the description of what I was supposed to do. My upper legs did not feel fresh and ready to GO as I got started. They continued to be wearisome the entire ride. I rode past Hillview and continued from Bolz Ranch Road onto 45th west deciding to simply turn around at 30 minutes.

I turned around near the corner of M8.  It was then that I noticed that the breeze was coming from the south. 4 of the returning miles were uphill and upwind. In total I rode 14 miles in 66 minutes. (6 minutes longer for the return trip…)

TODAY This Week This Month 2014
Weight  170.2
Body Fat  20.0
Miles Run 25 52 568
Miles Cycle 10 0 340
Miles Elliptigo 14 26 66 155

Run, Go, Ride Tri

19 07 2014

I did a triathlon today! Not your conventional tri, there was no swimming. I ran, rode the Elliptigo and rode my road bike.  My workout plan called for a 70 minute steady paced run followed immediately by a 50 minute Elliptigo run.  I knew Clay was doing multiple rides over Godde pass chasing the Rapha Rising Strava Challenge -(read his blog here) so I planned on maybe going for a ride with him to help him finish his run.

I loaded the Go and the Fuji (road bike) into the van and headed over to the aqueduct and 60th. I wanted a flat course for the run and for the GO, for a change. I ran from 60th to the siphon behind Highland and back but got there too quickly so I crossed 60th and added about 3/4 mile more to finish the 70 minutes. I ran 8.5 in 70 minutes 30 seconds – an 8:18 pace. Seeing as how yesterday’s “Tempo” effort was a mile and a half at 7:59, eight and a half miles at 8:18 was VERY encouraging!

Immediately after the run, I unloaded my GO, drank some water and headed west on the aqueduct. The wind was starting to pick up, so I was not able to get up to full speed. I headed west 20 minutes and turned back. I figured it would be nice to break up the wind fighting even if I had to GO past the car, past 60th and then turn and fight it some more at the end. On my way east I encountered Christian Powers who was running with his wife(on a bicycle). I turned and rode with them for a few minutes.  Christian was not running fast enough for me however, so I turned back to the east and continued on my way. In the vicinity of 60th, as I started the ride, and as I crossed mid ride, I got comments from other riders….. People sure notice the GO when you GO by.  I did have to fight some wind at the end of my ride. I totaled 11.6 miles in 53 minutes 11 seconds: 12.7 average mph.

I had just finished when I noticed Clay making his way up 60th. He stopped for about 5 minutes. I put the GO away and got the Fuji out. As we discussed the plan I realized that I would have to ride back up to the aqueduct to finish. We decided instead that I would meet him at his house after he finished his last Goode Pass traversal. I got a much needed break. I drove up to the top of Goode and filmed him as he climbed back up from the Elizebeth Lake side.

Once Clay and I were both at his place we headed out once again. Clay needed 10.2 miles (or so he thought) to reach 130 km and the Great Fondu (or something like that) Challenge. We rode up 70th west all the way to the top by the aqueduct and rode it again almost to the top – to M8. Finishing the 10.2 miles. It turned out, though that Clay finished with 129km….. He is going to try again next weekend.  I finished with 10.4 miles in 45:48 – average speed 13.6 with 906 ft Elevation gain.

TODAY This Week This Month 2014
Weight  170.2
Body Fat  20.5
Miles Run 8.5 25 52 568
Miles Cycle 10.4 10 0 340
Miles Elliptigo 11.6 11.6 52 141

Kayaking, racing, etc….

18 07 2014

Wednesday I took the day off.

Thursday I went to Marina Del Rey with Clay, Tania and Kendall to do some Kayaking. Clay has two 1 person kayaks and a tandem. At first he and I used the tandem but then we switched with the ladies. We rode from the boat launch in the harbor around the breakwater and did a beach landing. I had never attempted a beach landing in a kayak before and I thought it might get interesting. So, I turned on a video camera I had on my vest and headed into shore.

After having some lunch I tried it again, successfully….. As reported in Clay’s Blog and shown in his video….

Later in the evening I headed over to Pelona Vista. I got caught up in advertising the AV Fair Wave Race and did not warm up. I jumped into the 1 mile race. I noted the absence of Steve Brumwell and figured that if I pushed the pace I could win my age group.  I did. My time was not impressive at almost 8 minutes… (the course is probably a little long and it was VERY windy…. that’s my excuses…. other than not being back in shape, etc…)  I did my leg swings and such to try to get ready for the 3 but my legs already felt shot. I got in line but at the last minute figured that nothing good could come out of it. So I backed out and did an extra good job handing out flyers for the race.

This morning I made up for the race by speeding up into tempo pace during our Hillview run. The first mile I slowly went faster and faster. The second mile was sub 8 pace. Again, I felt like I was working hard enough to be sub 7, so I have some work to do….

This made up for the missed race last night, pretty much, but now I have missed today’s scheduled Elliptigo ride. I am having a hard time blending an Elliptigo ride into a Hillview practice day. I have to drive to the park as I bring an ice chest full of goodies to reward my runners. (every 25 miles they get to choose something from the ice chest..)  If I could ride to Marie Kerr and then ride with them and then ride home it would work better…. Oh well, there are only two more weeks of practice to figure out and then school will resume. At that point if I need an Elliptigo ride, I just ride to/from school.

TODAY This Week This Month 2014
Weight  170.2
Body Fat  20.5
Miles Run 4 17 52 568
Miles Cycle 0 0 0 330
Miles Elliptigo 0 0 40 129

Tweaking the plan

16 07 2014

I wonder how much I could/should tweak my training plan….  This week it called for Easy 35 minutes or Elliptigo Sunday and Monday off.   I switched the days and did the easy 35 on Monday.  I am sure that is an acceptable switch.

Tuesday it called for the following:

15 to 20 minute Warm-Up + Fartlek Workout: 8 to 10 times 1 minute at slightly faster than 5K effort with 1 minute recovery jog + 15 to 20 minute Cool-down

Here is what I ended up doing:

1 mile Warm-Up, 4 minutes at Marathon Pace, 10 times 200 meters (probably around 50s) with 200 meter recovery, another 4 minutes at Marathon Pace, 1 mile cool down.  This is pretty close actually. I would have used time but I forgot to bring my Timex Triathlon watch to the HDR workout. It has an awesome timer feature where I could set it to beep every minute. I was running with my Garmin, and I could have programmed it to do the same, if I had thought to do so earlier…  The two 4 minute MP are a bit of a compromise between warm-up or cool-down and extending the workout.  It actually worked fairly well. The 10 reps was my goal and I yelled TIME when I was complete.  Speedier people like Christian Powers, Camden Smith and Herschel Smith were up to 13 by then. Everyone there, I believe had completed 9 by that time.

Today the plan calls for 45 – 60 minutes ElliptiGO run:

I have yet to do so. Last week I moved this to Thursday morning, but I think it affected the Thursday evening XC series race. In lieu of this, yesterday morning I ran and worked out with my Hillview team. We did my Sweet 16 workout.  Of course, this substitution is not quite the same….. The calorie burn would probably be similar but the workout was more intense with short bursts of effort compared to an Elliptigo run.

Oh, and of course, last night was the Tuesday night Clayve workout. We did more work on general strength conditioning…. Clay always makes it fun and interesting.

Good News on the scale this morning!  I HAVE measured most every morning, but I have frankly failed to report some of the upward spikes. I have noticed over the years that I am better behaved during the week and have my best readings mid – week. On Friday evening we have a Bible study with a pot-luck. We may also go out or otherwise caloricly splurge. Overall, though, I am headed in the right direction

On my chart, it is Today’s weight but yesterday’s miles….

TODAY This Week This Month 2014
Weight  168.4
Body Fat  21.2
Miles Run 9.1 13.1 48.4 564.3
Miles Cycle 0 0 0 330
Miles Elliptigo 0 0 40 129

Easy Day at the Park

14 07 2014

First, last night I did a Clayve workout. Clay, Zac, Rachel, Bryan and I did a fun variety of craziness… and once again, I am sore, but only the very upper most part of my abs…  Other than the Clayve, it was a day of rest.

Today, the schedule called for either 35 – 40 minutes easy or 50 – 60 Elliptigo. So, I ran with my Hillview runners. We did 2 big loops and a variety of relay games…. the sprinklers were on. We got wet. We had fun.


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