Going Goode and GO to Goode

1 09 2014

Yesterday I met Erik, Krysti, Oscar, Dora and Joe at 5 am at the Ruble’s for a long run. We started out heading west on M8. We turned left on 60th west and ran up Goode pass in the dark. I took my time with this and fell behind the group. As the hill climbing went on I found myself catching the ladies near the top. Going down the other side, and left on Elizabeth Lake Road, Joe Kim and I started to pull a little ahead. Erik caught us once (probably just to prove he could ;-)  ) We turned left again onto 25th and headed north into Palmdale. Joe and I opted to go up Rancho Vista to Marie Kerr Park so that I could get some water. The others, I imagine, stayed on the prescribed course of 25th all the way to M12 or M8.  Joe and I took 30th to N to 42nd.

Joe pulled ahead during the last mile or two of the 16 + that we ran. I was definitely starting to fade. Of course, that is to be expected. Whenever you run longer that the longest you have done recently, those miles extended out will be difficult.

Then, last night, Annie and I headed over to the Clayve for a random workout.  Random – there were folded up post it notes in a tub and a deck of cards on a table. We drew an exercise from the tub and 3 cards. The total value of the 3 cards gave us the reps for our exercise. Sometimes it got a little crazy – 31 pull ups anyone?

This morning I took it a little easier. I rode the Elliptigo from my place over to P12, up to the aqueduct and west to Goode. It was nice. There was a little breeze but no so much that it made riding difficult. Last time I did this route I ended up returning MUCH quicker that it took going out;;;;;;same thing today.  I did set a couple of PRs on the ride. It was my fastest Elliptigo ride up 15th west by Ocotillo. It was only 3s slower than my fastest road bike on the same segment

Getting faster

30 08 2014

I have not posted in a few days, so….. Wednesday is an either/or day for Hillview Cross Country. The runners have the option of coming in the morning before school or in the afternoon after school The runners and I did our 2 x 4 time trial run. We have settled on a version very similar to last year. The only difference is that we have a detour through the houses behind where the new Walmart grocery store is being built at Rancho Vista and Towncenter. I ran the four mile loop during both workouts. It was quite warm – 94 degrees for the afternoon one.

Thursday, the team had only one practice, in the afternoon. It was getting into the upper 90s, so it was quite warm. We did the “divide and conquer” workout. Well, the runners did the workout. Us coaches coached it.

Yesterday, Friday, the team met at 6 am for a workout. This was our only workout of the day. I cancelled the afternoon workout due to the 100 degree weather. For the morning we did our first “secret weapon” workout of the season. This is a run where we jog down 45th to N for a warm up. We then do 4 repeats of 3 minutes 30 seconds each. Each repeat is intended to be a half mile hill. We run up (south) on 45th to N8. Up N8 from 45th to 50th. Up N8 further from 50th to 55th. And finally, up 55th into the houses to the top of the hill. I was REALLY pleased with my workout. The fourth hill ended up being my second best ever time – only off my PR from 9/30 last year by 1 second. (The other strava segments are not showing impressive times – I am out of practice with knowing where to start and finish. Some of the recovery time is showing up within time of the interval) All three of the others were among my best. I did make it all the way to N8 in 3:30. I made it all the way to 50th as well. I was 20 feet shy of 55th on the third…. These results are actually better than my results from early September last year. 

Today, I went to Marie Kerr park to run with the Quartz Hill team. Instead, I did a shorter run with Erik, Krysti and Dora. They are all planning on running longer at 5 am tomorrow. They talked me into joining them.

Feeling better after the workout….

26 08 2014

At Hillview, I had the kids do some short intervals. I coached. The team is looking really good. There are more than 100 runners. There are a few pleasant surprises. There are not too many who seem to be lacking in effort

I went home to relax for an hour or so before I began my own workout. Relaxed was not how I felt, however. I felt tired. When I come home from work and I have not had any afternoon exercise I get REALLY tired. It makes the workout following really hard to get started. Still I trudged over to Joe Walker…. early…  The training plan called for something a little different: 50 minutes with a fast finish plus 4 x 1 minute. This was not exactly something to have the HDR people do so I had to get creative. At 5:20 I headed from Joe Walker west on L8. At 5:40 I reversed direction. At 6, 40 minutes into my run I took off for 5 fast laps around the track. My pace for 4 laps was 7:20 – 9:00 flat for all 5 laps which would be 2000 meters. By this time the cub runners were warmed up. We did some leg swings and such. Then we did 4 x 1 minute. 

The club continued with 4 x 2 minutes and 2 x 3 minutes. I ran the first couple of the twos nice and easy for a cool down.

Of course, being Tuesday, I headed over to the Clayve. Kendall, Becca, Jim and I had a nice workout. There were about 6 exercises that we had to do as many reps as possible in 2 minutes. I “won” the pull-ups and another. I cannot recall the name of the other. You get in a plank, or push up position and lift 10 pound weights up to your shoulder alternating hands. I am pretty stable at holding a plank and 10 pounds is pretty light so I was able to do well at this one… 

As I left Clay’s I felt exhausted, but WAY better than I felt earlier when I trudged out to the car to leave my house and get the workout(s) started……

btw, I have not reported weight so much lately, but I have been consistently under 170 the last week or so. 168 this morning. 

Oops, been a few days…

25 08 2014

I see my last post was in regards to the fun Clayve workout Thursday night. So, let’s see…

Friday I took the Majestic Grasshopper, better known as the Elliptigo to school and rode it along with the team for their workout. I rode it for two workouts, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  Following the afternoon workout I responded to the Ice Bucket Challenge from Kendall…


So, Oscar have you done the challenge yet?

Saturday I went to 60th west and met the Quartz Hill High Cross Country team, along with Oscar and the Rubles for a run. I had heard that they would go about 8 miles. I was scheduled for 12 so I got there 35 minutes early and ran a 4 mile out and back on the aqueduct. The team headed up over the bunny hill and I followed along with them. Oscar and the Rubles ran a shorter run, 5 miles I think planning their long run on Sunday. The path I happened to go, following the lead boys pack turned out to be closer to 9.5 round trip so I ended up running a bit more than a Half Marathon all together. I felt pretty good, though I was tired be the time I finished.

Sunday, was my day of rest.

Today, I met the Hillview team at 6 for XC practice. Those who who were supposed to show up in the morning were mostly those who did not pass the 4 mile trial they attempted on Friday (while I was Elliptigoing.)  So I chose a route that would be less than 2.5 to give them something to really focus on. Then we did some ab work. After school those who DID qualify ran with me to Jamba Juice!  Yeah!  I love running to Jamba Juice! I love having a Jamba Juice after a run – Strawberry Surf Rider.  Although, having a Jamba after a run does inevitably lead to one of the saddest sounds I know…. the sound of that last bit of juice slurping up the straw followed by a disconcerting rush of air….No more Jamba….

Christmas in August

21 08 2014

First, this morning I got up early and did a run in my neighborhood. The prescribed run was to include 6 – 8 repeats up a 6 to 8%.I looked at some of the runs on the hills around Hillview and found them to be 3 or 4 percent. So I decided to tackle one of the more challenging streets in my neighborhood. Turns out, when I look at it on Strava the segment was 10-11% It was quite challenging running up it for 75 seconds. I stopped at 6 reps. Next week I am going to tackle it again and go for 8. 

After school, I did not run with the team. We did what I call a :divide and conquer” workout. We split the team into 3 groups and each of the groups goes with a different coach for a different activity. One coach had them run 12 minutes on the field. One did partner tortures with short hill repeats outside my classroom. I had them doing a variety of plyometric exercises: skips, jumps, butt kickers, etc. Overall, an easier day for them and for me.

This evening I headed over to the Clayve. Jim, Audrey and I arrived at about the same time and wandered into the garage to find this:20140821_194908It looked rather scary. Kendall came out and confirmed our fears. We were actually doing it like the song. 1 push up, 2 ring rows, 1 push up, 3 pull ups, 2 ring rows, 1 push up, 4, 3, 2, 1, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 etc until the last thing was the entire list from the bottom back up to the top. We staggered the start and sometimes we got bunched up at the pull up bar… early on. But it was a fun challenge!

Running with the Hawks …. plus two other workouts

19 08 2014

Today was the first official practice of Hillview’s Cross Country season. I do not have an official count but there was probably about 120 out there. It is early to see how good all the new runners are, but overall I was pleased by what seemed like very few stragglers at the back of the pack. I ran along with them on a 10 minute warm up. We did some drills and I had the team do 4 30 second intervals. First day of practice and I threw a little bit of everything at them.

Later at the HDR track work out we ran the workout prescribed by my training plan. The workout was 12 x 45 seconds or, actually 12 x 200meters.Each of my 200s were between 45 and 49 seconds.

Lastly, of course was the Clayve. Clay was in charge and it was a killer. 2 sets of the following: 15 pull ups, 25 hanging ab crunches, 25 hanging ring pull ups, 50 step ups, 2 minutes one legged plank, 25 bench presses, 10 kettle bell lifts….

Back in Training…

18 08 2014

I took a couple of days off to be a race director and jumped back in yesterday. My training plan said to do a 12 mile run and to do it on a rolling course. I figured that Rancho Vista Blvd in the Hillview area would be the epitome of “rolling” so I headed over to the Vons shopping center and started running. I did a clockwise loop of Rancho Vista Blvd, N8, Bolz Ranch Rd, Town Center and 30th St West. The loop was just a tad shy of 6 miles. At 3 miles I turned around and ran the same loop the other direction.

Later in the evening it was time for another Clayve workout. This time we had teams of 3. It was Clay, Zac and I (the guys) against Kendall, Kendall’s friend and Annie (the girls.) Kendall had set up yet another creative way to get the 6 of us doing all sorts of exercise and have fun while doing it.

Today, I GO’d to and from school. The Elliptirun in the morning was a bit of a challenge as I left a tad later than I’d have liked and the traffic was a bit of challenge. Riding home it was 100 degrees. Still it did not feel like it was overwhelmingly hot. It was doable. In fact I was able to set a couple of Elliptigo PRs..


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