1500 – a day worthy of a post

29 07 2014

This is post number 1500 on this blog!  I have held off since Saturday to make sure that the 1500th post would be something worth writing about. Sunday I took a day of rest. Well, a day of rest from running and riding. I DID go to Clay’s for yet another awesome Clayve workout. Kendall had it all set up again. We did some team competition and Rachel and I killed it!!  Monday I ran a few easy miles with the Hillview runners at the park. Today I had to step it up….

First, I headed over to Marie Kerr for my practice with the Hillview runners.  We did our 1.5 mile warm up and then we got serious. My Elliptigo PR Initiative training plan called for 10 repeats of 45 seconds with 75 seconds jogging recovery. As I thought about how I could adapt it to something for the students I came upon the idea of Partner Intervals. We used the path going around the field just west of the gym at the park. We had partners. My partner was a promising new 7th grade girl named Jennifer. She ran half way around the field while I jogged across the middle. Then, of course I jogged the other half. We kept it going till we did 10 reps. Some of the fastest teams did 12. Some of the slowest probably only did 6 or 7.  We finished with about a half mile cool down jog.

Then I drove to San Diego for an an AVID conference (teacher training.)  I left early enough to get here in the early afternoon. I got checked into my room and I got checked into the conference. Then I got on the GO!  I found my way on bike paths from my hotel to the beach. The path closest to the hotel is nice walking path but it is made of concrete segments that have been pushed up and down by the tree roots. I had to keep the speed down. As I got closer to the beach the afternoon sea breeze (headwind) became stronger and stronger. After a while, the path ended and I found myself on the beach. A pedestrian commented on how cool the bike was so I made here take a picture.  As I made my way back I stopeed several more times for some selfies….

I will try to get another ride or two in while I am here, though the schedule may make it difficult.

It is awesome though to think that at 1500 blog posts, I am running and riding and GOing and Clayving  and feeling pretty good while doing so!!

Run – Ride – n Slide

26 07 2014

Another Saturday, a slightly longer run, another Elliptigo ride.  The plan this time was to run for 80 minutes and GO for 50. Like last week, I headed up to 60th on the aqueduct. I headed south east. Last week it was actually cloudy and a little cool. Today, not so much. As I ran I had to run through the duldrums. The doldrums are areas at the equator and around 30 degrees north and south where there does not tend to be much wind out the the oceans due to the convection pattern in the atmosphere. So, as I ran there was a section of a couple of miles where there was no wind, no cooling effect, just heat. On top of that, I think I was feeling the effects of Thursday night’s big HDR XC race effort. All this to say, I did not run as fast today as last week. In my 80 minutes, well 81, I finished exactly 9 miles.

I guzzled a bunch of water, took a gel, got out the Elliptigo and started a ride. As I was preparing to ride quite a few cyclists went by on their way up Goode. I figured perhaps even Clay could be out there trying to finish his Ralpha Rising challenge…( check his blog, I now know that he finished last night! ) So, tired as I was, I headed out of the Aqueduct parking area, made a left turn and headed toward the top of Goode pass. On my way, a couple of cyclist caught me. I was gaining on a third, but I never caught him.  I made it to the top, turned and coasted down. I headed southeast on the aqueduct and rode to the Highland siphon and back.I ended up riding 10.4 miles in a little under 53 minutes…

I made it home just in time to shower and head over to church for our annual VBS program. As the last few years, we had this big inflatable slip n slide. I got out there running and racing against the kids and some of the other adults. I felt pretty spry and quick out there in spite of the tiredness of the morning work.

HDR XC Series…. getting faster….. I think

24 07 2014

Tonight was the 5th race of the HDR Summer XC Series. It was only my second attempt at the 3 miler. I did the one miler as my warm up. I ran it nice and relaxed and finished in 8:35. Funny thing is that two weeks ago, I eased into and pushed the latter 2/3 and ended up at 8:38! This gave me some confidence going into the 3 miler.  We took off and at first I tried to stay close to Dave Weary, who has been winning our 50s age group. Going into the first Rayburn Hill in heavy traffic I got ahead.  A bit later I noticed Adam Laraway up ahead of me, but I was gaining. I caught him at the far end of that first loop.

At this point I should mention that Alan changed the course of the race. The first part was the same. After we finished the first loop, rather than making a left to go over the little hill by the parking lot, we made a right and headed over the Rayburn Hill again. We started back out into the same loop a second time. We ran down into the low portion and climbed back up. At this point, rather than veering left as would be usual, we veered right. This take us to the other side of the loop  but we were headed in a Counter Clockwise Position. This led to some two way traffic. Not just for the first runners but all the way back to where I was.

After heading around the end of the loop (over near the trail that connects the two halves of the park) we are heading east. The city graded a new path that went down into the ditch and up the other side. So we took this path down into the ditch, a little ways in it, and then up. This led us to the freeway side loop not to far from the gate where we would normally be joining it. We did the freeway loop counter clockwise as usual. Every time we had a sharp enough turn I could see Adam back there so I concentrated on keeping up the pace.

Upon finishing the freeway loop we went back through the ditch, and headed onto the other loop. Now we were going around the loop clockwise. Once again, btw, there was a bit of two way traffic. In the ditch, you have to be careful as there are a couple of blind corners. To finish we completed the loop heading up the ramp near the gate. We veered right and then doubled back over Rayburn Hill and that other hill. Finally we went through the gate to the finish. Coming off the last hill I still saw Adam back there. I think he gained on me during this last loop. But he was too far back to catch me.

Unless there was some other 50 year old guy there that I was not aware of, I won the age group! Yeah. My time was 23:42. I failed to start my Garmin somehow so I do not have the GPS data. Others who wore GPS reported the course to be 2.85 to 3.05 long. So, it is probably a true 3 mile course, as opposed to the old one which was definitely long.

Looking at pace, using 3 miles, I averaged 7:54. This was more than 10 s per mile faster than two weeks ago…. on a much hotter day, btw.


23 07 2014

My schedule has called for a 60 minute Elliptigo Run each Wednesday so far. I have had a hard time fitting this one in. One week I saved it for Thursday. Another week I substituted an extra Tuesday run, etc…  It occurred to me, today, that I could take the Elliptigo on the Block Bicycles’ Wednesday Night Cycology group ride. I have done many of these over the years. They are always fun.

The group meets on Wednesday nights and rides around the streets of Lancaster, starting at 7:30 pm. Most of the ride is in the dark. The group is always nice and big though, so there are no worries about being seen in the dark. The rides are typically around 20 miles at around 10-12 miles per hour. Usually, Cheryl and I take our tandem on these rides. I have taken my road bike out there as well, which makes for a VERY easy ride.

Tonight’s ride seemed slow. Well, it is at a relaxed pace. The thing is that on the Elliptigo I cannot ride “easy.”  On a bicycle, your weight is on the seat so you can apply light pressure and leisurely ride down the road. On the Elliptigo you are standing and you cannot help but put your weight into each stride. If the gear is set easy you push against too little resistance and your body becomes unstable. So you keep the gear high enough to provide enough resistance high enough to provide support to keep you body in a stable position.  Consequently, in order to ride slow you have to coast a lot.

I need to work on this stability issue. They have videos on the Elliptigo site that discuss proper riding. I was looking at them today and have discovered that I need to work on my one handed riding. With practice I should be able to ride with one hand while pedaling. Right now I have to coast if I take a hand off the handle bar. The problem so far is that when I break the solidness of my hips by trying to pedal I lose the stability of the whole system and my hands have to compensate. Once I get better, my core will be able to hold the stability of my body and the Ego (short for Elliptigo) with minimal support from my hand(s).

Speed and Clayve

22 07 2014

This morning, I coached… that is, I did not run with the Hillview kids. The main part of their workout was to put them in groups of three for a continuous 200ish meter relay…

This evening, a bunch of us met at Joe Walker to work out. I had time to get in 5 laps to warm up. We did 8 x 2 minutes with only 1 minute to recover. This meant that we did not attempt to regroup each time we just jogged onward and kept going.  I felt good…. not as fast as prior to surgery…. but I felt good. I averaged around 450 meters for each 2 minutes, typically I get 480 to 530…. but I will get back there.

Afterwards I headed over to the Clayve. This time it was just the guys. We had Clay, Zac, Jim Haskett and I. We tossed some medicine balls around to warm up. I felt like I was the weak link, especially when we were using the 20 pound ball.  Clay had us do a few contests – Jim and I against Clay and Zac. First, we did pull ups. Jim and I got to use the big thick green helping band. We still lost.  Next it was a rowing contest. One of us had to do3 minutes and one of us 2.  Clay started doing the 3 for his team. He got a couple of minutes in and faded a bit, due to the HUGE amount of climbing he has done the last few day as part of his Ralpha Rising Challenge. Jim did the 3 for us. He held strong and got us a 59 meter lead.  Zac was next. He rowed a little conservatively for a minute and went crazy for the next.  It was my turn and I had the advantage of knowing exactly what I needed to do…. 480 meters…  I actually pushed the first minute at a pace I knew I could keep and would get us the win… for a minute and then I tried to pick it up as well.  I ended up 10 meters behind Zac, but it was easily enough to get Jim and I the win. Yeah!

We added some kettle bell lifts, some hanging ab-crunches, some swinging on the rings, oh, and earlier the four of us kept the battle rope going for 5 straight minutes…. Thanks to Jim for going first… and last…


Clayve and run

21 07 2014

Last night, Sunday, I headed over for the Clayve workout. I arrived maybe 10 minutes early. The garage door was open so I walked up and went in. There was no one around. It was set up for action however…..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Kendall had been hard at work coming up with a fun, yet challenging plan. These photos show the chalk on the sidewalk instructions for 4 of the 7 stations she had set up.  The seven stations were:

1) PULL UPS and HANGING AB CRUNCHES….. this was something new. There were these two padded slings hanging from the pull up bar. You put your fore arms through, grab the top and let your body hang down. Then you bring your knees to your elbows…
2) Band Walks and Dead Lifts of bar bell
3) Jump Rope and Ball to Wall – squat with medicine ball and then throw ball against rafter…
4) Battle Rope and some type of squat…. I forgot the name.  We held a kettle bell at chest level in front of us.
5) Rowing Machine and Box up and overs (step up, turn around, step down the other side..)
6) Medicine Ball catch and throws  on lawn
7) Band Pulls

Clay coached, and assisted, while Kendall, Tonia, Rachel and I worked out. We were in teams of two. Rachel and I were together. We had two minutes at each station. We could trade off in the middle of the two minutes at will. I started with pull ups while Rachel did the crunches. It turned out I was about as good as crunches as she was at pull-ups, but she was way better at crunches than I was at pullups. We added our totals together. On this and the  remaining stations the two of us scored lots of points. The challenge to do whatever it was for 30s straight turned the strength work into a strength/cardio workout.

I was especially pleased with my jump roping. I have not done much of it lately, but during my minuted I did 114 straight, without a single miss! After the routine above was done I went for some double jumps.  I am just starting to get used to these. I have to do three singles in between…. jump, jump, jump, double jump….. still I often fail to get the double and have rarely got two doubles in a row, in this pattern. I tried a bit and did 6 doubles in the pattern!  Kendall demonstrated consecutive doubles… impressive!

We had a hanging ab crunch contest in which I got beat badly…. I could only do 8.  Clay and Rachel each did 25, Kendall 24.

It was a fun workout….. I think Clay took some video…

This morning, I went ahead and ran with the Hillview team. For the first time this summer I took them away from the park and up into the hills. I had one mom with me in case I had someone who could not keep up. Her daughter and one other fell way off the pace so she took them on a shortcut back to the park. The rest of us did about 4.5 miles on the trials.  I took it easy…. We had to stop 5 or 6 times to stay together…. for me it was a recovery run…. for most of them, a long run…


20 07 2014

My training plan called for a 60 minute recovery Elliptigo ride. As I did it, I appreciated that the word “recovery” was placed into the description of what I was supposed to do. My upper legs did not feel fresh and ready to GO as I got started. They continued to be wearisome the entire ride. I rode past Hillview and continued from Bolz Ranch Road onto 45th west deciding to simply turn around at 30 minutes.

I turned around near the corner of M8.  It was then that I noticed that the breeze was coming from the south. 4 of the returning miles were uphill and upwind. In total I rode 14 miles in 66 minutes. (6 minutes longer for the return trip…)

TODAY This Week This Month 2014
Weight  170.2
Body Fat  20.0
Miles Run 25 52 568
Miles Cycle 10 0 340
Miles Elliptigo 14 26 66 155


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